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In love with your car ? Want to make it an everlasting relationship? Choose from a variety of personalized exterior treatments ranging from basic to ultimate range of protective coatings. 

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Products used for Exterior treatments

Ultimate Protect UHD

YAS!Mark UP UHD is a unique mixture of both inorganic and organic substances. It is all-in one product that is stronger and long lasting, and increases the total hardness of paint to upto 9H+. Its colour-darkening effect gives a fine finish.

Ultimate Glass Protect

UGP merges advanced Nano technology with a formula of active raw ingredients of high water beading properties and significantly improves visibility during heavy pouring. UGP coating forms a strong barrier against water, oil, or dirt.

Ultimate Headlamp Protect

YAS!Mark UHP is a sophisticated mixture of prime ingredients designed to form a strong molecular bonding with acrylic and polycarbonate surface. UHP makes surfaces easy to clean and creates high resistance to external scratches and environmental impacts. Recommended for professional use only.

Ultimate Plastic Protect

UPP coating is an advanced UV resistant nanotechnology formula which will bond molecularly with plastics and vinyl to protect it from fading. UPP coating is suitable for both interior and exterior use. It also increases UV resistance improves hydrophobicity and enhance the surface against wear and fading. Recommended for professional use only. Yas!mark UPP is developed, tested and made in Malaysia

High Glanz

YAS!Mark High Glanz is a no dust, no white marks, non-abrasive, easy to apply product. High Glanz , when used on cars kept outdoors, provides a long lasting, deep, rich, moisturized look. Also protects your vehicle from climatic damages.High glanz is developed, tested and manufactured in the European Union.

Perfect Finis

Water-based finishing polish that easily eliminates holograms and medium defects from painted surfaces. For best results, apply after Yas!Mark Abrasive Cut. Can be applied by hand or equipment. (Silicone Free). Perfect Finis is developed, tested and manufactured in the European Union.


Abrasive Cut

A perfect polishing compound for new or old painted surfaces. Easily removes scratches and sanding marks upto grade P1500. (Silicone Free). Abrasive is developed, tested and manufactured in the European Union.

Abrasive Paste

High-grade polishing compound blended with quality minerals for easy elimination of paint defects. Perfect bonding helps prevent damage to painted surfaces and provides a medium gloss.


Glass Cleaner

YAS!Mark Glass Cleaner is easy to use and quite effective. Product can be applied on windows, mirrors and plastic parts. (Silicone free). Glass Cleaner is developed, tested and manufactured in the European Union.

Polymer Rubber & Vinyl

YAS!Mark Polymer rubber and Vinyl produces a lasting satin finish that repels dirt and stains. Treated surfaces stay cleaner for longer, reducing need for regular maintenance. Ideal for all plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces both inside and out, and under the bonnet.

Waterless Wash & Wax

YAS!Mark Waterless Car Wash is an eco-friendly product that completely cleans as well as waxes your entire vehicle. Product developed, tested and manufactured in the European Union.

Traffic Film Remover

YAS!Mark Traffic Film Remover is a concentrated product that removes heavy duty traffic film effortlessly. Can also be used through a pressure wash. Product developed, tested and manufactured in the European Union.

Alloy Wheel Cleaner- Rejuvenate

YAS!Mark Alloy Wheel Cleaner is a high-performing corrosion inhibitor. Removes iron, brake dust and other dirt and cleans the wheels. Contains revolutionary colour changing formula. Safe to apply across all wheel types.


A product for easy removal of tar, oil, silicone or dirt from vehicle body. Organic solvent- based product that can be applied across all surfaces. Perfect for degreasing your vehicle before car washes or polishing.


De Wax is a non-abrasive cleaning product that removes polish residue or dirt from vehicle surfaces. Product is to be applied to vehicle surface before proceeding to Yas!Mark Ultimate range of treatments for your vehicle.

Car Wash Shampoo

YAS!Mark Car Wash Shampoo is a highly effective yet gentle paint and wax friendly shampoo that makes hundreds of portions per bottle. Highly concentrated 1:1000 ratio solution. Enriched with nourishing properties to prolong the life of wax finish. Car Wash shampoo is developed, tested and manufactured in the European Union.

Paste Wax

An advanced synthetic formula specially designed for automotive use. ultimate wax forms a long-lasting protective barrier to deliver maximum protection, durability, depth of colour, shine and gloss in one easy step. it is safe on all paints and can be applied easily. Recommended for professional use only. Ultimate wax is developed, tested and made in Malaysia.




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