Enrich your car interiors at YAS!MARK

At YAS!MARK we provide you solutions to maintain your car interiors safe and hygienic for all your loved ones at all times. The products used for all our treatments are specifically made for that particular purpose and leaves no residue after the treatment, giving you clean and bacteria free interiors. 

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Products used for interior treatment

Leather & Fabric Cleaner

YAS!Mark Fabric and Leather surface cleaner is a unique mixture that suspends dirt and grime into a foamed solution. Digs deep to remove unwanted dirt from the surface. Product developed, tested and manufactured in European Union.

Leather Cream

YAS!Mark Leather cream feeds leather on vehicle seats to enhance its appearance, suppleness and longevity. Product developed, tested and manufactured in United Kindom.


Polymer Rubber & Vinyl

YAS!Mark Polymer rubber and Vinyl produces a lasting satin finish that repels dirt and stains. Treated surfaces stay cleaner for longer, reducing need for regular maintenance. Ideal for all plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces both inside and out, and under the bonnet.

AC Disinfectant

Specially formulated for AC coil cleaning and disinfecting cars, buses, vans, lorries and other types of AC cleaning.




Automobile Care Products


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