The special formula developed  for ultimate protection. Our Ultimate Range gives the best results for even the most overlooked areas of your car. Safer products that leave lasting effects. Time to go Ultimate!


Ultimate Protect UHD

YAS!Mark UP UHD is a unique mixture of both inorganic and organic substances. It is all-in one product that is stronger and long lasting, and increases the total hardness of paint to upto 9H+. Its colour-darkening effect gives a fine finish.

Ultimate Glass Protect

UGP merges advanced Nano technology with a formula of active raw ingredients of high water beading properties and significantly improves visibility during heavy pouring. UGP coating forms a strong barrier against water, oil, or dirt.

Ultimate Headlamp Protect

YAS!Mark UHP is a sophisticated mixture of prime ingredients designed to form a strong molecular bonding with acrylic and polycarbonate surface. UHP makes surfaces easy to clean and creates high resistance to external scratches and environmental impacts. Recommended for professional use only.

Ultimate Plastic Protect

UPP coating is an advanced UV resistant nanotechnology formula which will bond molecularly with plastics and vinyl to protect it from fading. UPP coating is suitable for both interior and exterior use. It also increases UV resistance improves hydrophobicity and enhance the surface against wear and fading. Recommended for professional use only. Yas!mark UPP is developed, tested and made in Malaysia




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